Why Choose Us

Why Choose To Skydive In Florida

Why Choose Skydive Florida

Why Choose Us

Reason #1
The best and most modern facilities!

Our affiliates' facilities were designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, to enhance your Florida skydiving experience.

Reason #2
We work with the most experienced skydiving centers serving Florida!

The staff at our affiliate dropzones are among the most qualified and skilled that you can find! When you have chosen Skydive Florida, you have chosen the best. Isn't that what you want when you go skydiving?

Call Skydive Florida Today 1-850-303-0086!

You can make reservation right now anywhere & anytime for Tandem Skydiving in Florida!!

Reason #3
We strive to find the most exciting skydive you can make!

While Skydiving in Florida, you will be assigned a certified instructor. Our network's Skydiving staff includes some of the most experienced skydivers in the United States. When you have chosen to Skydive in Florida with Skydive Florida, you have chosen the best.

Reason #4

When Skydiving in Florida you will use the most modern equipment available!